Dam Good Soap

One of the things we like to stress as estheticians is healthy, balanced skin that retains its natural skin oils. We talk about it a lot regarding facial skincare, but it’s important for the body, too. So you can imagine how excited we were when we discovered Dam Good Soap, from Richmond, B.C.

Dam Good Soap is luxurious to use. These giant bars last a fairly long time in the shower, and don’t disintegrate into a pile of mush the way other soaps do. Some of them are lightly scented with essential oils or natural plant extracts, and others are decidedly unscented for those too sensitive. But the really great thing about them is their minimalistic ingredients list and the way they leave your skin feeling.These soaps will clean you (some of them will exfoliate you) and your skin will feel hydrated, not tight and dry the way many other traditional soaps will.

They are an olive oil based line of soaps, but they usually contain coconut oil, cocoa seed butter, aloe vera (great for dry or sensitive skin types)and some contain clay (very purifying, and great for oilier skin types.)

Conventional soap often contains harsh surfactants (like sodium laurel sulfate) which are basically just really stripping to the skin and dry out the skin unnecessarily. Dam Good Soaps are a much nicer alternative, and there are even varieties that contain a bit of grit for a Dam Good exfoliation and cleansing in one.

Come down to the shop and check ‘em out!

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