NEW product alert from St Tropez: Luxe Dry Oil


We are so excited to now carry the newest product from St Tropez: Luxe Dry Oil! What is it, you ask? Well….its a silky-smooth body moisturizer, a self-tanner, and sexy golden shimmer all in one. I can’t believe how many things this one product can do!

But wait: what’s a dry oil? A dry oil is a product formulation that isn’t slick or actually oily, it leaves more of a satin feel to the skin. This one dries quickly, yet still provides moisture. The finish is demi-matte.

This amazing dry oil not only feels luxurious on the skin, but it has a subtle guide colour and a very fine golden shimmer to it, making it the perfect self-tanner to wear out with residue layer still on. We have long loved our St Tropez Illuminators, which are the perfect highlighter and an essential component for skin finishing (kind of the makeup of the body), so this dry oil is almost a self-tanner and illuminator in one! We love that.

This product is most easily applied with bare hands or vinyl gloves. Shake bottle quickly, then spread on to desired area. This isn’t the darkest-developing formula, so those new to sunless tanning, or fair girls, this is for you! Deeper skin tones will love this product as more of a maintenance product for its more subtle glow and hydrating properties.

Pick yours up today – just because it’s fall, doesn’t mean you have to lose that bronze! In fact, I find keeping a slight tan all year round makes me feel vibrant and glowing 🙂 Come see us sunless tanning consultants with your questions. See you soon and happy tanning!


All about Sunless Tanning and a video

Hi everybody!

Today I’m going to be sharing with you some information about our line of sunless tanners that we carry in our salon. St Tropez is the product, and it is amazing. From the slightest hint of colour for beginners to the darkest tan for self-tanning veterans, we have something for everyone, now that summer’s here and we all want to show some skin.

Now, you may be thinking, I don’t self-tan. Never have, never will. I am telling you though, this stuff will change your life! It may sound outrageous but it’s true. This is the world’s best sunless tanner, and for 18 years, they’ve been perfecting and tweaking their formulas to keep this product on top of its game. This is a luxury sunless tanner, one that’s used by celebrities and millions of regular women and men worldwide.

Check out this video for a little more info – it features Nichola Joss who is a tanning expert to the stars, and is behind nearly every red carpet event.

Watch the video here.

Basically, the preparation for a self-tan is very similar to a spray tan. You need to shave, exfoliate, and start with clean skin.

Then, with your St Tropez product of choice, get it on there any way you can! The amazing part of self-tanning with St Tropez is that as long as you cover your skin, it should look pretty much perfect. You’d have to miss a spot to have it looking streaky or unblended. So coat your body in lotion, mousse, gel or spray. Then wait 4-8 hours to shower off, and voila! You’re tanned to perfection.

Just keep your skin moisturized daily after, and your tan will stay natural and even-looking.