All about Brazilian Waxing – Everything you’ve ever wanted to know but never asked (hopefully everything….)

So, we love to talk about the latest fun colours of polish we have in the salon, or share knowledge about anti-aging skincare, but the truth is that the majority of our clients LOOOVE coming in for good ol’ waxing. Yeah, hair removal! Did you want to read about that? Not really? Okay, please try. So why waxing?

The cool thing about waxing is that unlike mainstream old wives tales, waxing actually causes one to grow less hair over time. Doesn’t matter if it’s on your face, legs, underarms, or bikini line, waxing never causes or stimulates hair growth. As one of my favourite waxing educators says, “If we could cause hair to grow by simply waxing skin, we’d have bald men lining up around the block.” Well said Lori Nestore! Lori is the Wax Queen, specializing in speed waxing and Brazilian waxing techniques. I have seen her lecture twice at the Vancouver ESI Spa Show, and I’ve learned more from her in those two occasions than I could’ve imagined.

Lori also knows the importance of homecare with waxing, which is why we offer two courses of treatments for ingrown hairs, the only real side effect of waxing (I’ll note here, though – many clients report worse ingrowns from shaving than from waxing): Lori’s Tuel Body Polish Kit, and her Clear-It gel, and then the PFB roll-on ingrown solution. Both systems spot treat ingrown hairs, and prevent them from forming in the first place. Your technician will fully explain which system will work for you in your appointment.


But wait…does it hurt? How is my skin affected? Do I have to be naked?

Well, waxing, particularly Brazilian waxing can hurt, yes. However, the standard recommended return visit is four weeks. In those four weeks, you’ll notice your hairs are softer, finer, and less dense than before. You’ll just have less hair. The root of the hair also becomes less strongly attached at the follicle, so when the hairs are removed – you guessed it – it doesn’t hurt nearly as much. The moral of the story is, if you wax once, don’t go back to that first time! Stick with it.

Because we use hard wax, which only adheres to the hair, not the skin, the aftereffects are minimal. The skin is much less irritated than with using strip wax all over. And finally, yes, you will be naked from the waist down, but it’s only to ensure that the job gets done effectively, quickly, and as painlessly as possible. Our technicians are professional and specialize in Brazilians, so that you can feel comfortable for your first visit and beyond!


If you’re wondering how to tell when’s the right time to book a Brazilian wax with us, it’s three weeks from the last shave. So, if you don’t currently do anything, shave down to the skin and wait three weeks, and book your appointment for exactly then. Or, book for three weeks from the last day you remember shaving, depilation, et cetera. Or, four weeks from your last waxing appointment. This will ensure the best possible results for hair removal.

So join us to see why we’re Victoria’s best Brazilian waxing destination. You’ll be a waxing veteran in no time!

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